Spring 2018

The desk is made from fijian new-growth mahogany, finished with amber shellac. The inside is sapele plywood. I made the cracks by dipping the piece in water while it was piping hot! It may not look like much, but it's my favorite because it happened exactly as I wanted it to. This took 3 attempts to get right, and while I don't consider it done, I really like this 3rd try. A failed attempt at the previous vase. Fun fact: I attempted about 7 twisty ornaments this season. Best friends!
Attempting some more involved projects.

Having enjoyed my learning experiences at the MIT Glass Lab and the MIT Hobby Shop, I spent the spring focusing on my technique. In my previous projects, I kindof made what I made and let the process guide the result. This time, I was trying to create the things I imagined in my head. The desk is made of mahogany and finished with shellac, which I think gives it a really pleasant warm color and really pops the grain without having to stain anything.